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Whether it's the perfect person to complement your team, a different perspective to help redefine a problem, or expertise to navigate uncharted territory: whatever your project needs, FBS will provide the missing piece to your project. 

We deliver quality solutions which take into account the impact of a project's outcome on all aspects of the client's business while anticipating potential issues before they arise, saving the client time and money. Our consultants excel in their respective fields and are put forward based on their fit with the culture of the client's organisation. They are always supported by our extensive network of specialists and have open communication with our senior management to ensure their success. Applying both common project methodologies and our tools, which have been developed over many years in the management of our projects, ensures we deliver with discipline and expediency. 

Our on-site workshop facilities are always available to our consultants and clients to work through issues to expediently arrive at a solution.

During our 20+ year history, we have successfully implemented diversely different projects requiring a wide range of skills. We have operated in a broad cross-section of industries for clients in both the private and government sectors. Successfully delivering projects ranging in value from $1-150million+, with teams varying from 10 to 40 people and project timeframes extending from 3 months to 3 years.

we specialise in:

Decades of experience in delivering ICT projects means we have a deep understanding of a broad range of software packages, and all aspects of infrastructure to support them.

Tier 1 ERPs such as SAP and Microsoft Dynamics, either in-house or as-a-service. 

Tier 2 software packages for bespoke industry applications such as Mastermind or ComOps. 

FBS uses industry-best practice methodologies on every project. We typically engage Waterfall and Agile, although most projects require a combination of methodologies to best fit the needs of the business environment. 

Strategic Planning

Project Health Checks

Business Case Development

Contract Management

Issues Management

Assurance as a Service

Portfolio, Program and Project Management


Process Improvement

Organisational Readiness Programmes

Change Management

Business Analysis

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