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Brett founded this practice with a vision to provide the best solutions possible to clients, utilising outstanding consultants who are supported by FBS to succeed. Brett's background and expertise are in IT. With over 35 years of experience in ICT, Project Management and Management Consulting he has developed management skills that cover all areas of business. He is focused on overseeing projects, building relationships with our clients and mentoring our consultants.  

Brett Hartley

Managing Director

Rozanne has a Masters of Marketing and her background is in marketing. She focuses on ensuring the company runs smoothly day-to-day. Her other priority is the continual development and growth of the organisation, whilst maintaining its values. She works closely with both Brett and Fred to make sure you get the right consultant/s for your unique business requirements.

Rozanne Hartley


Fred is an accomplished IT and Communications Systems professional and Senior Project Manager with an extensive background in network design, service delivery and operational management, software and technical support. Fred's priority is to make sure we are using the most appropriate and cost-effective technology to meet our requirements. Fred also provides specialist technological expertise on projects and to clients.  

Fred Etter


Allison has over 25 years accounting experience in a variety of organisations. Her knowledge, coupled with her friendly, efficient manner ensures both clients' and consultants' queries, in regard to any accounting issues, are dealt with easily.

Allison Streher


Hugh is primarily focused on assisting Rozanne with our marketing activities.  He has a degree in psychology, positive outlook and friendly personality. If he isn't busy with marketing activities, he pitches in to assist the team wherever needed.

Hugh Andrews

Marketing Assistant

Liz has a background in payroll, however, after taking time off to spend with her children, she has decided to have a career change and take on an Executive Assistant role. She assists the management team with the day-to-day running of the business.  She has a positive attitude, is very helpful and approachable.      

Liz Bortolin

Executive Assistant

Together, we will do everything in our power to ensure that our consultants are supported, and our clients' needs are met. Our senior management team monitors the progress of all projects by communicating with the client and our consultants on a regular basis. Our on-site workshop facilities are always available to help work through issues and expediently arrive at a solution. 

fbs has the piece to fit your needs

program and project managers

business and change analysts

enterprise and solution architects

test managers and analysts

project coordinators and pmos

change and training managers

We provide outstanding project directors and managers who have exceptional people skills and are experienced in the delivery of complex projects, project management tools and methodologies. Supported by our business analysts, IT architects, testers and project co-ordinators, they are committed to successfully implementing your projects. We have a number of industry experts that possess an incredible depth of knowledge in their respective areas. We also provide consultants with various specialised skills, such as change management, infrastructure specialists or mediation.


We have long-term relationships with most of our consultants, allowing us to be completely confident in their capabilities. 

what our consultants say

lance, enterprise architect


senior business analyst

trish, business analyst

"When I came to work for FBS I immediately noticed the positive atmosphere and the importance FBS places on its employees. At FBS suggestions are received openly, there are great co-workers and the senior staff seems to really care that employees are supported,  happy and motivated. Of course, there are also plenty of celebrations, while making sure that client expectations are met. I have learnt and grown both professionally and personally and enjoy coming to work in such a family-friendly atmosphere. I would definitely want to work with FBS again and my choice is based on two things - First and foremost, the people and secondly the work and work culture."

"Having spent the last 12 months being associated and working with FBS, I have always found them to be a very personable and honourable consulting company, they actually care about their staff.  FBS was totally professional in their dealings with myself and other consultants I worked with. I would thoroughly recommend FBS to anyone wishing to be a part of a great team"

Hari, Project Coordinator

“After joining the team I soon realised I made the right choice. FBS provides a great working environment to allow you to express yourself professionally as a team player, or shine as an individual. The culture is dynamic, inspiring, smart, energetic, and fun. The projects are many and varied, I’m learning every day. The relationships from FBS Management are strong and supportive, surrounded by a diverse team; all intelligent and friendly people. FBS is a company that supports and believes in their staff. What makes FBS stand out is that every single employee has a stake in the company’s success. They are very team-driven, and operate in a way that puts collective goals ahead of individual glory. A recent success with a client’s delivery was highly regarded by FBS who celebrated their gratitude with all their staff”.

"When FBS were engaged to ameliorate a failing project, the first task they set about completing was to put together an awe-inspiring team. Their encouragement and support enabled me and the rest of the team to excel and produce the very best outcomes for their client. A difficult project was made easy. When it comes to Project Management, FBS is a leading firm. Whether you’re a client or an employee, you know you’re on a winning team with FBS."

As a new FBS consultant, I receive tremendous support which I need to remain positive when stressful situations present themselves. It’s a place where individuals come in at different levels, with different skill sets, aspirations and attitudes and yet continue to bond. 

hari, project coordinator

michael, test analyst

I have been engaged as an employee of Focused Business Solutions on a number of projects, and can honestly say that FBS is a fantastic company to work for. I was privileged to have the opportunity to be engaged in projects that really make a difference, with an exceptional team committed to client satisfaction. Working at FBS has given me exposure to very interesting projects, which deliver real change to the client. The team is exceptional, being immensely client-focused and committed to project delivery and client satisfaction. I can always speak with great pride of the real results delivered while working with FBS. Further, FBS pride themselves on offering professional support and assistance to all employees, to ensure that the best solution is delivered to the client. Directors, managers and staff are always willing to share their expertise and knowledge, providing guidance and advice, and are approachable and knowledgeable with a wide variety of areas of expertise. But where they really stand apart from other employers is the genuine care shown for employees. FBS truly care for and take care of, their employees, going the extra mile to ensure that employees are supported.

claire, senior change analyst

Having worked with FBS for over 15 years, across multiple contracts, I can attest that FBS really takes care of you; the daily rate they negotiate for you is good, all the paperwork is taken care of and you are paid on time. When your contract is nearing its end, all extension options are explored. Over the years they have developed an extensive network so they are likely to find another job for you if you have delivered. In other words: whatever you would expect from a good recruiter is delivered … BUT … that’s not the best part.

When you are working on one of Brett’s projects (if he acts as the project director) that’s the best! The most impressive and important aspect of working with him is the atmosphere he creates in the project team. People are helpful, friendly and co-operative. I guess that it is something to do with the careful selection of the team members.  “Common sense” is the name of the game on his projects and there is always a plan, a backup plan and a worst-case scenario plan. If you are lucky enough to go on a field trip, (travelling interstate or overseas) it feels like a high school excursion, everything is taken care of and we have fun!

viktor, senior data analyst

"I have worked through FBS on a number of projects and program roles over the last few years and found them to be a professional and caring organisation. They work hard to maintain a steady pipeline of opportunities for their team. Their dealings with the contractors, leading up to a potential posting, during the life of the contract and their planning for the next opportunity clearly shows they want to find and keep the best people available in their team. "

robert, program/project manager

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