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How We Do It: With Care

Brett founded FBS in 1995 to provide the highest quality project services to his clients. He has carved his own path, guided by a vision for excellence. That pursuit still defines our philosophy at FBS. We care about our clients, our people, and our organisation so that you get the best possible service on the market.

The Missing Piece To Your Project

There are a lot of moving parts to every project. FBS looks at the big picture, so we can fully appreciate each individual piece in a project, then find the right piece at the right time to achieve success. That piece might be the perfect person to complement your team, a different perspective to help redefine a problem, or expertise to navigate uncharted territory. Whatever your project needs, FBS can find the missing piece to your project.

Why We Do It: The Challenge

Projects are undertaken to bring about improvement in an organisation. We understand this is a disruptive process because it requires change. We thrive on minimising the disruption and overcoming the inevitable challenges involved in delivering projects by bringing people along on the journey, ensuring all impacts on the organisation are considered, and all aspects of the project fit together to deliver our client's solutions.

What We Do: Project Management

We work with you to understand where you are, where you're going, and what you need to get there. We can offer individual resources, or build a custom team from project director down to coordinator from our network of over 500 consultants. Our "as a Service" model of project management delivers tailored resources with flexibility so our clients get the best possible value for money.

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