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We ran workshops, developed new business strategies, and produced a readiness assessment to determine the viability of a global ERP deployment. Diva at the time had a chain of international jewellery stores with an annual turnover of $200M, requiring a scale of project deployment the company had not faced before. Working with Diva's senior stakeholders we facilitated a series of strategy sessions and workshops to hone in on the company's capacity to onboard change, whether they had the appetite for the required financial investment, and if their internal resources were suitably skilled for the project to succeed.


Redeveloped and implemented an organisation-wide change program to create the internal resources, skills, and processes required to then deploy a large-scale program of work. With the foundational elements secured FBS set about implementing Freedom's Trans-Tasman Retail Point of Sale Project. This involved integration with legacy back-office systems and an extensive training program across Australia and New Zealand. Later re-engaged to rescue the failed deployment of a new retail ERP.


Engaged to manage the transition of IT support to an offshore, outsourced model and to migrate two data-centres.  The transition and migration project was managed to an aggressive timeline with a significant number of impacting events, scope change, variables and delivery challenges.


Led the implementation of a new retail ERP system. Mediated between the client and multiple difficult vendors. Successfully merged multiple disparate and dysfunctional project groups into a single cohesive team. Comprehensive change management and communication program.

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