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Delivered the largest Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP implementation in Australia at the time. FBS was engaged after multiple failed attempts, and brought in the necessary guidance and expertise to steer the project back on course. The project was challenging due to the sheer number of touch-points and integrations between legacy and disparate systems that were inherited over multiple departmental amalgamations. The ERP implementation was accompanied by a large scale organisational change program, including a full rollout of training and learning for thousands of end users state-wide. 


Delivered a new billing solution.

Integral Energy

Project managed the delivery of contestable energy billing, data warehousing, call-centre rationalisation.

Goulburn Valley Water

Based on our success at WaterNSW with Microsoft Dynamics 365 FBS was engaged to support GVW in developing a revised project management plan and project delivery approach, including improved project governance practices. This supported the GVW project team in re-establishing a common view of project success and a common understanding of the work to be completed to achieve the required project outcomes. FBS brought to GVW’s awareness a number of areas which required additional consideration and planning that had previously been under appreciated. Throughout the project it was evident that the skills and capability within GVW’s project team members was increasing, which was supported by the FBS involvement in the project through direct action/involvement as well as general guidance and support.

Essential Energy

Project management of billing and operational systems deployment.


Project management for multiple infrastructure projects: implemented ITIL based asset database, reviewed and standardised system backups.

Flow Systems

Delivered meter-to-cash business requirement specifications, developed a data management application for collecting metered water consumption data.

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