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The working culture is inspiring and fun. Everyone cares for others, and the management team is sensitive and caring about professional and personal development and the needs of their employees. FBS’s positive atmosphere keeps every single staff member closely involved in the company’s success, and motivates you to go that extra mile to deliver exceptional outcomes for the clients.

Business Analyst

After joining the team I soon realised I made the right choice. FBS provides a great working environment to allow you to express yourself professionally as a team player, or shine as an individual. The culture is dynamic, inspiring, smart, energetic, and fun. The projects are many and varied, I’m learning every day. The relationships from FBS Management are strong and supportive, surrounded by a diverse team; all intelligent and friendly people. FBS is a company that supports and believes in their staff.

Test Analyst

I have worked through FBS on a number of projects and program roles over the last few years and found them to be a professional and caring organisation. They work hard to maintain a steady pipeline of opportunities for their team. Their dealings with the contractors, leading up to a potential posting, during the life of the contract and their planning for the next opportunity clearly shows they want to find and keep the best people available in their team. 

Program Manager

When I came to work for FBS I immediately noticed the positive atmosphere and the importance FBS places on its employees. At FBS suggestions are received openly, there are great co-workers and the senior staff seems to really care that employees are supported,  happy and motivated. I have learnt and grown both professionally and personally and enjoy coming to work in such a family-friendly atmosphere. I would definitely want to work with FBS again for two reasons: the people and the culture.

Project Coordinator

When FBS were engaged to ameliorate a failing project, the first task they set about completing was to put together an awe-inspiring team. Their encouragement and support enabled me and the rest of the team to excel and produce the very best outcomes for their client. A difficult project was made easy. When it comes to Project Management, FBS is a leading firm. Whether you’re a client or an employee, you know you’re on a winning team with FBS.

Enterprise Architect

I have been engaged as an employee of Focused Business Solutions on a number of projects, and can honestly say that FBS is a fantastic company to work for. The team is exceptional, immensely client-focused, committed to project delivery and client satisfaction. I can always speak with great pride of the real results delivered while working with FBS. Directors, managers and staff are always approachable and willing to share their expertise and knowledge, providing guidance and advice. But where they really stand apart from other employers is the genuine care shown for employees. FBS truly care for and take care of, their employees, going the extra mile to ensure that employees are supported.

Senior Business Analyst


What We Offer

We offer services across the full life of a project, from 'concept-to-contract'. Whether you're looking for strategy and planning, an entire team, or an individual expert to help make your project a reality FBS will be there every step of the way.

The FBS Difference

What makes us different? We deliver quality solutions that take into account the impact of a project on all aspects of the client's business while anticipating potential issues before they arise, saving the client time and money. Our consultants excel in their respective fields and are put forward based on their fit with the culture of the client's organisation. They are always supported by our extensive network of specialists and have open communication with our senior management to ensure their success. Applying both common project methodologies and our tools, which have been developed over many years in the management of our projects, ensures we deliver with discipline and expediency. ​​

Project Implementation

Sound methodology, robust program design, creative strategy, and innovative technology. They are all important pillars to a successful project, but 30+ years in project management has taught us the secret is always your people! Now finding and keeping the best people for your project is a tricky task. Because we've built long-term relationships with our consultants, and have worked alongside them in multiple project teams, we get to know how they work, where they really excel, and who they work best with. With that knowledge we set about creating awe-inspiring, reliable project teams that come together to deliver amazing results for our clients.


Using our network of over 500 consultants we can recommend someone that we know personally, and whom we have worked with before, to ensure you get a consultant that meshes with your existing environment. We can offer a wide range of specialised resources including:

ICT Consulting

We consider all aspects of your business, and offer the right blend of project management and supporting services to deliver a successful project. Whether you need the full package or a standalone service to complement your existing project environment we have the people and the experience to help your project succeed!

> Strategy and Planning

> Procurement

> Organisational Readiness

> Health Checks

> Assurance and Governance

> Organisational Change

> Contract Management

> Data Migration and Analytics

Digital Partnerships

FBS has established partnerships with both Microsoft and Google cloud services, allowing us to offer unparalleled service to our clients and support to our consultants. These partnerships give us access to powerful Google and Microsoft resources that support our in-house operations, and have proved invaluable to assist the transition for us and a number of clients to remote working. Because we are not tied to a single provider we always use and recommend the most appropriate solution for your organisation's needs.


During our 25+ year history, we have successfully implemented diversely different projects requiring a wide range of skills. We have operated in a broad cross-section of industries for clients in both the private and government sectors. Successfully delivering projects ranging in value from $1-200million+, with teams varying from 2 to 40 people and project timeframes extending from 3 months to 3 years. In that time we have built up a body of expertise, and have built relationships with SMEs across each sector, resources that are invaluable to us when delivering the best possible services to our clients.

> Justice

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