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Mental Health Commission NSW

Ran the procurement of new IT support and back-office (finance, HR, payroll) service providers. This involved reviewing all internal processes, documentation and artefacts followed by an assessment of the market and a successful RFQ process.

Rookwood Cemetery

RFP, vendor assessment and selection, implementation of IT infrastructure outsourcing, contract management and compliance project.

Service NSW

Provided property management services for the consolidation of multiple office buildings and their relocation to a new office space (this included 400 regular staff and 150 IT staff, including all their associated assets).

Macquarie University

FBS delivers a large-scale, custom network solution for Macquarie University's disparate campus locations on a unified hardware and software platform.


Massively parallel processing data-warehousing capability delivered on "shared-nothing architecture" for Optus.


Regional telecommunications review.


Mobile application development (pro-bono).

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