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About Us

Our culture is centred around care: of our people, our clients, and our organisation. This focus has profound implications on how we treat everyone we deal with, the type of people we have working with us, and the quality of our work and our values. Honesty and integrity are at the core of our dealings, so our relationships are built on trust and respect. Trust enables everyone to collaborate and support each other, and our clients. We attract people who enjoy working in this type of environment, share our values, are hard-working, and strive for excellence in their work. This means everyone at FBS is passionate about delivering incredible solutions to our clients in a way that brings everyone along on the journey to success.

Rozanne Hartley | Director

Rozanne is responsible for designing and implementing strategies, plans and procedures that support our culture and vision whilst driving efficiency and growth.  She oversees daily operations of the company and manages relationships with employees, clients, and consultants in conjunction with the other directors.  Since joining the organisation, Rozanne has instigated a significant marketing program that has increased FBS’s profile as well as building and strengthening relationships with our clients and consultants. She has also initiated training and development programs with two goals in mind;  everyone understands FBS’s culture and lives our values as well as providing an environment where people can thrive.  Rozanne has worked in marketing for various organisations, and she holds a B.Bus and Masters in Marketing. She is creative, passionate about giving people opportunities to be their best, and loves the challenge of realising new ideas in organisations. 

Fred Etter | Technology

Fred joined FBS in 2018, after an extensive career in project management, during which he worked with FBS on numerous occasions. As our technology specialist, Fred’s focus is to keep abreast of the latest technology so FBS and our clients can leverage off his knowledge. He investigates the competitive advantage technological initiatives can provide and only when appropriate, introduces them to FBS. Fred’s initiatives have increased our efficiency significantly, enhanced our ability to work collaboratively and ensured we were perfectly placed to work remotely when required. He also provides specialist advice on our client’s projects utilising his background as an accomplished IT and communications systems professional, who has an extensive background in network design, service delivery and operational management, software and technical support. Fred enjoys creating opportunities for improvement through the adoption of technology as well as working with staff to develop their IT skills.

Stephen Wilcox | Canberra

Stephen has recently joined FBS to expand our operations into the Canberra market. He comes with a depth of experience in the design and development of technical and administrative solutions for government agencies. He spent over 30 years in the ATO providing leadership in project delivery and was engaged in a number of cross agency programs. While working with the ATO, he was involved in the implementation of a number of significant Government initiatives, including the superannuation system, the new tax system (GST and PAYG) and business tax reform. After implementing the Government’s Resource Rent Tax, he moved to consulting internationally with governments in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. He has now worked with over 20 countries on the development of effective fiscal administration, compliance improvement and the implementation of risk-based decision making. We have known Stephen for many years and are excited that he has decided to base himself in Canberra and is prepared to apply his significant experience and understanding on the implementation of Government projects with FBS on developing our Canberra based business

Shoeleh Forghani | Executive Coach

Shoeleh is a corporate coach who has worked with our staff enabling them to become an increasingly cohesive, effective team. Shoeleh’s work with us has increased our awareness of the skills required to improve all our interactions, given us tools to use, and the opportunity to practice using those skills in a supportive learning environment. Prior to becoming a coach, Shoeleh had a successful career; firstly in science research, then as a CPA with her own firm, followed by delivering financial statements for various government agencies. She rose to be a senior project manager at the ATO, in Canberra, before branching out into coaching. She is passionate about the benefits coaching can deliver to individuals and teams and has a strong desire to support organisations and individuals discover their unique potential and enhance their performance.   

Allison Streher | Accounts

Allison works with the Executive team to ensure all financial aspects of the business are addressed. Allison has over 25 years of accounting experience in a variety of organisations. Her knowledge, coupled with her friendly, efficient manner ensures both clients' and consultants' queries are dealt with quickly and easily.

Liz Bortolin | Executive Assistant

Liz assists the executive team with all aspects of their day so they can focus their efforts on areas that will have the most impact on the business. She is in regular contact with our clients and consultants as a result of organising meetings and maintaining our CRM. Our contacts enjoy hearing from her and our guests feel comfortable as soon as they enter the office because she is so welcoming and friendly. Liz also contributes to the team's efforts by; working with marketing to increase our LinkedIn presence and assisting with polishing CV’s for submissions. Her willingness to be adaptable means we can rely on Liz to pitch-in where needed and her positive attitude is a perfect fit with the rest of the team. She enjoys working with people and this shines through. Liz worked in payroll, before taking a break to have children.

Hugh Andrews | Digital Specialist

Hugh joined us on a full-time basis in late 2019, after working for us part-time whilst at university. He works closely with Rozanne on all aspects of our marketing activities; is heavily involved in our tender responses and assists Fred in maintaining our IT and training staff in its use. In the short time he has been with us in a full-time capacity, he has become an invaluable member of our team. Hugh has added value to all aspects of our business, particularly on our digital marketing.  He is our first graduate employee, and as such, we are exposing him to all aspects of the business to give him the opportunity to find his true interest, as well as provide him with an insight into how a business operates. Hugh has a BS in Psychology and Neuroscience.

Brett Hartley | Managing Director

Brett founded this project management practice in 1995 to ‘provide high quality project management services that deliver quality, tailored results to clients’. Brett’s version for FBS drives him; it is reflected in his leadership which inspires our project teams to go to exceptional lengths for our clients and each other. He oversees projects and at times acts as the Program DIrector of our larger, complex, leading-edge projects; providing governance, advice, and mentoring our consultants. He builds and maintains relationships with clients to ensure growth, leads tender submissions and works in conjunction with the other executives to ensure all aspects of the business support our vision. He has over 35 years of experience in ICT, project management and management consulting as well as having B.Bus.

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