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2017 – Millenials

With an impressive career in training and change, Michelle Duby shared with us the keys to better understanding and working with the emerging millenial workforce. What drives them, how their needs are shifting from traditional views, and how to best utilise their dynamic skillset.

To complement Michelle's talk we had an emerging millenial artist from UNSW Fine Arts School Daniel Emmerig display his artwork across our red wall.

> Michelle Duby now runs her own Organisational Development consultancy: Intensify!

2018 – Conversations: Art or Science?

Shoeleh gave an enlightening talk that showed us how the ways we engage with people trigger different pathways in the brain, and how a few simple actions can better help us connect as a team both personally and professionally.

2015 – Situations We Find Ourselves In

This function was a departure from our usual format, bringing in professional actors to set up unique and engaging scenarios for our guests who had to navigate a series of these "rooms" in groups through our offices in the old Rugby Club.

Once finished our guests got to move upstairs where they could then discuss their experiences while exploring the art of our usual function photographer Amy.

2016 – Digital Disruption

Founder of The Digital Institute and Trade Ledger Martin McCann gave an engrossing talk about the future of digitisation, and how it would disrupt every business, everywhere.

To support this exploration of how digitisation was going to disrupt the future of business we filled our office's basketball court with digital, interactive artworks from UNSW art students. These installations