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Creating a Safe Learning Environment

Following on from Monday’s post. After deciding to ‘ramp up’ our professional development sessions with our executive coach Shoeleh Forghani, from In2Reflection, the next step was to create a ‘safe’ learning environment. How do you do that? With Shoeleh’s guidance, we created the following ‘rules’ for our sessions:

  1. We acknowledged that we were in a learning (growth) rather than performance (delivery) environment. We accepted that to learn we had to experiment to see what worked for us to take the next step in our development.

  2. We created a supportive space by appreciating each other’s contribution. We shifted our thinking from a judging to growth mindset.

  3. We created a ‘safe’ space, so that anything anyone shared was treated in confidence (‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”).

  4. We demonstrated respect by listening without interrupting.

These rules created a trusting environment which resulted in people ‘opening-up’. We gained a deeper insight into each other which improved our interactions. We had inquisitive conversations which enabled growth and has enhanced our co-creative workspace.

We would love to hear about your learning experiences. What factors do you think contributed to you feeling safe?


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