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Space to Grow

​What did we learn by ensuring our team had space to grow during a pandemic?

What we learnt was that you can shift your mindset from ‘surviving’ to ‘thriving’ even though the situation you are in remains challenging. The first step was to acknowledge we were experiencing volatility and give ourselves more ‘time out’ ​which we did by increasing the number of sessions with our coach. This time ​gave us the opportunity ​to talk and reflect​. We focused on showing gratitude and creating a trusting environment which made us feel safe. We created space for us to learn new skills, think of new initiatives, experiment and innovate how ​and ​what ​we did​. This resulted in an exciting, energised environment where we constantly looked to the future, anticipating success.

As individuals we learnt to focus on ‘self care’ by improving our ability to have better conversations, understanding what’s important to us and using boundaries to give ourselves downtime and limit the ​challenges we faced.​

How have you managed to thrive during challenging times?


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