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Why focus on Culture?

If 2020 was a year of uncertainty and financial stress, why would a company bother looking inwards to focus on their culture?

In 2020 Focused Business Solutions (FBS) decided to strengthen our culture of care by ‘ramping-up’ our professional development sessions, We did this because it was a challenging year where many of us were experiencing increased levels of stress. Guided by our executive coach Shoeleh Forghani, from In2Reflection, this expanded number of sessions gave us the opportunity to continuously improve the way we collaborated and cared for each other. We had time to hear from members of our team, reflect on our behaviour, learn how to use new ‘communication tools’ through practice in a ‘safe’ environment so we could improve the care of ourselves and others.

The feedback we received from our team members confirmed the sessions’ benefits to FBS so we’d like to share some takeaways from what we learnt last year and we’d love to hear what positive actions you or your organisation took that really made a difference to you!


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